CISRS Trainee Scaffolder

The following training must be completed by the Trainee within two consecutive 18-month periods. Trainee Scaffolder Cards for CISRS are First COTS CISRS Part,NVQ Level 2 SCQF Level 2 CISRS Part 2,1 Day Skills Test for CISRS. For the first 18 months, there must be minimum training Trainee Cards are COTS obtained in the last two years within two years (or an authorized exemption), CITB HS&E test.Training Minimum for Second 18 Month CISRS Part 1 Course Trainee Cardtaken within two years (or an authorised exemption), CITB HS&E test.

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CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card

he CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card is available to operatives who are undertaking the CISRS training required for a CISRS Scaffolder Card. CISRS Trainee Scaffolder card holders will be considered a trainee scaffolder regardless of the experience they have within the scaffolding industry. Accordingly, they should not undertake any scaffolding activities unless they are under the direct supervision of a qualified scaffolder. The Trainee will be expected to complete the following training within the validity of 2 x 18 month CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Cards:

A CISRS Trainee or CISRS Labourer Card must be held for 6 months before a trainee can attend Part 1 training. Should a CISRS Labourer Card holder wish to undertake scaffolding operations prior to attending Part 1 training, they will be required to apply for a CISRS Trainee Card *.

Minimum Training Required for 1st 18 month Trainee Card:

Minimum Training Required for 2nd 18 month Trainee Card:

* CISRS would remind all employers, that it is their responsibility to ensure that all Trainee Scaffolders are given Work at Height Training prior to being deployed to site to carry out scaffolding operations. This training must include as a minimum, SG4, the Use, Maintenance and Inspection of Harnesses and Awareness of Rescue Techniques. It is recommended that this training is recorded and stored in the Trainee’s personnel file.

Why do I need a White CISRS Card, and what are its purposes?

As a component of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, CISRS Cards are issued. The program aims to improve safety on construction sites and guarantee that employees employed in the sector are knowledgeable about health and safety issues. The overall safety and standard of a construction site are improved by having a card.

How do I apply for a CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card?

You can apply for the CISRS Trainee Scaffolderover the phone call directly on our number 020 3411 4939 or also you need to provide email evidence of your qualification on mail

How long does it remain valid?

The Validity of this CISRS Trainee Scaffolderwill be five years. It can’t be renewed and once expired must apply for a new card, or can be renewed if your professional membership card has been renewed.

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