CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card

CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card certifies competence in the UK construction industry.It validates qualifications, expertise, and safety awareness. Obtained through apprenticeships, NVQs/SVQs level 2 or SVQ at SCQF level 5,it signifies the ability to work effectively.

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CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card

One of many cards available,CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card gives the competence necessary for construction jobs. A worker's ability and skill in their role up to their level is demonstrated by their cscs blue card. NVQ/SVQ level 2 or SVQ at SCQF level 5 in construction-related subjects are required to obtain the book my CSCS blue skilled worker card. Supervisors, managers, and employers who have completed the appropriate training to carry out their roles safely on site are eligible for the blue skilled worker card.If you have training in the construction industry but no supervisor or manager duties on the job site, you can still apply for cscs blue card. This is sufficient proof that you are qualified to work after getting qualification in this blue cscs card after that you can directly apply for CSCS red trainee card.

CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card Requirements

If you have either of the following, you should apply for CSCS Blue Card:

How do I become qualified for this CSCS Blue Card?

 You must be older than 16 and possess the required qualifications, such as NVQ/SVQ level 2 or level 2 construction diploma, or an equivalent qualification (such as a City and Guild craft certificate).The CITB Health and Safety Awareness classes and passing the external Health, Safety, and Environment Test are what we advise.

How can I renew my CSCS Blue card?

 When your CSCS card has expired after five years, you must apply for a new one or you'll need new qualifications for your new position.

How to apply for CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card?

 You can apply for Blue CSCS Card once you have your NVQ certificate and have passed the health and safety test. The quickest way to do this is to call directly at 020 3411 4939 or also you need to provide email evidence of your qualification on mail

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