Level 1 Food Safety – Catering

The Level 1 National Award in Food Safety in Catering qualification is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills to work hygienically and safely in the food industry.

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This course is aimed at those serving food rather than preparing. If you are looking for a course to suit those who prepare food, please see the Level 2 Award in Food Safety Catering (RQF) qualification.

The contents of this course follow best practice and are designed to reinforce the importance of good food safety practices in the workplace.

Food safety combines a number of practices to reduce health hazards. These include premises hygiene, personal hygiene, risk control, pest control and waste management. This level 1 course is about minimising the level of potential hazards in a food catering setting.

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Our Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 online training course raises awareness of the risks associated with working near where food is prepared. It also explains what measures should be put in place to reduce the risks. It is for those people that do not handle food directly.

The course covers why you need to know about food safety and hygiene, key terms, key legislation, the responsibilities of employers and employees, the role of Environmental Health Officers, main hazards and control measures.

How to book Level 1 Food Safety – Catering course Online?

Marvel Training provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals to gain this knowledge and certification. It is important for businesses in the catering industry to ensure their staff members receive proper training and certification in food safety and hygiene to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses and maintain a good reputation with customers.

This is helpful and informative course for individuals who work in a catering environment but do not handle food directly. Understanding the risks associated with working near food preparation areas and the necessary measures to reduce those risks is essential for maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment.

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